Prophetic News 2022

 "The time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service."

"Crimes in the Name of Religion": The Persecution of Christians

January 9, 2022

On November 17, the U.S. removed Nigeria from its list of Countries of Particular Concern, meaning nations that engage in, or tolerate violations of, religious freedom. Nigeria was the country with the most Christians killed (3,530) for their faith in 2020. belongs on it."

"They also tried to force my wife and our four children to convert to Islam, but when they refused to convert, they shot my wife in the head while our four children were cut into pieces with a Somali sword... the rebel militants intend to establish an Islamist state ruled by sharia [Islamic law]." — Democratic Republic of Congo.

According to a separate, November 19 report, in just the first half of 2021, in Pakistan's Punjab Province alone, 6,754 women were abducted. Out of those, 1,890 were raped, 3,721 were tortured and 752 children were raped. The same report notes that "over 1,000 girls belonging to Hindu and Christian communities are forcefully converted to Islam every year in Pakistan."

In another incident, Muslims decapitated Alex Mukasa, a 60-year-old Christian man, for sharing the Gospel. After learning that Alex was missing, according to his brother,

"I got information that his motorcycle was abandoned along the Bukoova road, and that his body was beheaded and dumped in a sugarcane plantation. The assailants carried away his head Farmers came across the Christian man's head in a swamp days later.

 Iran Revolutionary Guards commander says 'revenge' coming for Soleimani strike from 'within' US

Brigadier General Esmail Ghaani urged America to 'deal' with those involved in the attack

January 8, 2022

The leader of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps has warned that revenge for Lt. General Qassem Soleimani’s death will come for the United States from "within" the country itself.

Soleimani, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Forces, was killed in a Jan. 3 U.S. strike in Baghdad, days after Iranian-backed militia supporters stormed the U.S. embassy in Iraq.

Brigadier General Esmail Ghaani, who replaced Soleimani, spoke during the second anniversary of Soleimani’s death, which Iran has labeled as "martyrdom." Ghaani underscored the republic’s dedication to avenging the general’s death, saying that the "ground for the hard revenge" will come from "within" the homes of Americans.

"This revenge has begun," Ghaani added. "Americans will be uprooted from the region."

January 5, 2022
Joe Biden’s presidency is in free fall. From corona to Kabul, there is a foreboding sense that the US is on retreat and being brought down from the inside.
No foe senses this more than Iran. After all, the US is in negotiations with Iran and yet fighting a soft war with its leaders at the same time. There is nothing more weak than negotiating with your enemy as he continues to attack you.
The latest attacks consisted of drone strikes by the Iranians on US forces stationed in Iraq. On January 3rd, the two year anniversary of the targeted killing of Iranian terror mastermind Qassem Soleimani, Iranian forces launched two drone attacks on US forces stationed at Baghdad’s International airport.



2022 may prove to be the year that the maneuvering of the last few years blow out into open war. Despite the media’s attempts to paint the Russian/Ukraine conflict as the main theatre, the Chinese Iranian axis continues to be the main event. China has indicated that it will take advantage of the Biden regime in order to take over Taiwan and while Russia may invade Ukraine, Iran will for sure move forward with advancing towards nuclear breakout, thus resetting the Middle East and potentially the world.

A nuclear Iran means that Israel will be forced to attack and that will invite a counterstrike by Iranian affiliated Hezbollah. In fact, Iran does not need a nuclear weapon to lay waste to Israel. Hezbollah’s missiles are enough. The nuclear weapon and ICBM program is for the broader globe. WATCH the Video:
Persia and the Goat from the West: Daniel 8

Holes in the story of the Iran Nuclear Deal Risk Western Public Security
January 3, 2022

The West is boxed into a trap

The United States, as the figurehead of Western thought, is caught in the vice. Anti-Western actors, which are those individuals and parties whose agenda is to dismantle the Western-style of society, close in on all sides of the Western map.

This, the Financial Times reports, is a “dangerous phase” of negotiation. The IRGC Ambassador to London has warned Western powers that the regime “will not accept threats.” The Ayatollah has taken the stance that he will “not let history be repeated” when it comes to the Iran nuclear deal.

“Should the Islamic Republic of Iran collapse, scattered retaliation is a possibility and one threat should not be ignored,” said Christine Douglass-Wiliams, a Jihad Watch expert contributor, and former external advisor to Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom, a now-defunct chapter of Canada’s Foreign Affairs ministry.

“Iran is the seat of Shia Islam and ascribes to Doomsday ideology. The Twelver branch is the largest and espouses that the last hidden Imam, the Mahdi, will appear as promised amid the apocalyptic upheaval on the battlegrounds of infidel blood being spilled,” she explained.

Williams explained that a sudden collapse of the IRGC would likely stimulate retaliation from its many terror branches. This ripple effect would not be silent and could spread globally.