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NEW VIDEO: 12/31/2023:
 WARNING!!! The recent war initiated by Hamas on Israel called the "Al-Aqsa Flood Campaign" is about the Temple Mount and who will be King of the Holy Mountain (Jerusalem). Steve goes into detail from the prophecies that clearly warn us of what will take place there - shortly before the intervention and arrival of King Yeshua (Jesus).

This is a MUST WATCH for every Bible believer. This video will make a believer out of you!

                                                       Thunder # 1: The Church in Great Deception

               The Time of the End - Part 1:
                   The Arrival of the Beast 

This is Part One of a Three Part series Entitled: "The Time of the End". This first part develops the scenario the ushers in the Beast of Revelation which arrives to save humanity from self-destruction. This series is designed for all three parts - building one on the other. You won't be sorry that you watched these very eye opening teachings!  

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          The Time of the End - Part Two:
                 The Mother of Harlots 

This is Part two of a three part series : The Time of the End: The Mother of Harlots. Steve takes you to very convincing evidence in the Prophecies to clearly ascertain who the Mother of Harlots REALLY represents. Hint - it is NOT Rome and NOT America! A MUST SEE for Prophecy Enthusiast!


         The Time of the End:
          The Abomination of Desolation 

This is Part 3 - the final part of the three part series: The Time of the End: The Abomination of Desolation. This video will take you into the prophecy that Jesus said was tied into a great tribulation -and would happen just before His Return. This is a very eye opening conclusion to bring light and understanding to those who seek for the truth.


                The Time of the End - Part 4:
                    Rapture: The Gathering
This is Steve's fourth segment of his End Time Prophecy Series , This presentation centers on the Second Coming of Yeshua (Jesus). Yes - there will be a gathering of both evil and the saved at harvest time. This segment centers on looking at two predominate views concerning the way Jesus will come back. Will it be a secret event in the Rapture - or will it be an event where all the inhabitants of the earth will be witnesses to His coming on the clouds with power and great glory? You are the jury. The evidence is clearly laid out. Evidence from the Rapture teachers are compared with the Biblical evidence. This will be the clearest examination of this topic found on the worldwide web. You decide!
              The Time of the End - Part 5:
                  The Ram and the Goat
One of the most overlooked and understudied prophecies in the Bible is found in Daniel Chapter 8. This vision is on the verge of an exact fulfillment. This Chapter is the Beginning of the End, This starts where a war between the Ram and Goat escalates to the point of a worldwide Crisis. Out of this soon coming war will come a Beast who arises to set its system in place to order peace and security to a very troubled world. This is the best and probably only presentation that you will ever see on this very vital and timely prophecy..A MUST SEE FOR EVERY BELIEVER!
             Death, Resurrection, and the Living Dead  
Today, there is a huge fascination - and an ever growing trend of many millions - who are wrapped up in the paranormal, ghost chasing and seeking out those are claiming to communicate with dead folks. Mediums, necromancers, new age channelers, psychics, occultist, and other like-minded dark personalities – all claim to be able to tap into the Spirit world for the purpose of interfacing and communing with those who have died.

. I am convinced, just before Yeshua returns to gather up His final harvest, the originator of evil will use this great deception to draw many away from the truth. We have been set up for it.

In this video, Steve examines a few elements and warnings that will occur in the Last Days in which we are part of, and by the end of this presentation, find the complete comprehensive - unadulterated truth about death, the coming resurrection, and the living dead.
                     Judgment: The Second Death - Part 1 
 This is Part One of- Judgment: The Second Death. What will the Almighty God ultimately do with the problem of evil? Will there ever be a time when evil will be eradicated? How long will He tolerate an increasingly lawless world? What will be the last events that bring down Yahweh's Intervention on this "world gone mad"? This first presentation puts together the final movements that ushers in Judgment on an unrepentant fallen world. The prophets provide a very clear picture on how this will all come to a close.

The Bible paints a terrifying picture when the anger of God is finally unrestrained. Yes - evil is coming to an abrupt end. This is heading to Part Two - starting with the resurrection of the wicked for Judgment. Will God allow wickedness to live on forever? Not a chance...Check this out!

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         Judgment: The Second Death - Part Two
For those of you who have had serious questions regarding the perplexing subject of “hell”, this Video will bring you synchronization between God’s Love and His Justice. There is absolute harmony with the Bible’s teaching between Mercy and Fairness. It is my intent to show the pure unadulterated truth about this place of torment. My purpose for this composition is to comfort, and set free the troubled minds who have wrestled with the concept of an Eternally Angry God.

What do you think? Will the wicked be tortured throughout eternity? What exactly is this ‘Second Death”, and will it finally eliminates the madness, and rid the universe of hatred? Should evil be allowed to live on forever? If evil people are already in ‘‘hell’’ screeching, scorching, and burning right now, why will God resurrect them for Judgment? These are legitimate questions that demand rational answers. This video will provide them for you.

The Coming Prophetic Showdown:
               Israel, the West, and Iran

This is one of Steve's earlier Presentations on Daniel 8 videoed in 2012. This teaching centers on a major prophecy highly overlooked in the Bible that refers to the Time of the End.   


Jesus shares what will happen before He comes back to bring his believers eternal life. This presentation takes a look at the end time signpost which indicate that His Coming is very near! This is a must see for those who want to be informed as to where we are -  in the Final Days! 



Jerusalem: Earth's Final Days


              Hell's Prophecy: The Second Death
 My first jab at the doctrine of eternal torture (2012)
 Will the wicked be tortured throughout eternity? What exactly is the ‘‘Second Death”, and will it finally eliminate the madness and rid the universe of hatred? Should evil be allowed to live on forever? If evil people are already in ‘‘hell’’ screeching, scorching, and burning right now, why would God resurrect them for a future judgment? These are legitimate questions that demand rational answers. This presentation will provide the truth of "hell" and dispel the myths attached to this "hot topic".
           Part 1
           Part 2
                     Daniel: The Unsealed Book


                                                 Full Length Presentation



                                              Jerusalem: A Cup of Trembling


This  presentation will help you to understand the overwhelming surge in the Middle East over Jerusalem



                                 The Rapture: Left Ahead