My Testimony     
 It was over twenty 30 years ago when I stepped out of darkness and began to experience the joy of intimacy with the One Who Made me. I heard a message about His love, mercy, forgiveness, and accepted an offer to have a relationship with my Creator. Since then, I have been on a most exciting journey.

I started on an extensive search of life’s truths and began reading the Bible. After much research, it became obvious to me that the Bible was historically accurate, archeologically verified, and prophetically confirmed. Along with much other evidence, I became convinced to respond to the Great Invitation.

The teachings of Jesus intrigued me. This man of history not only taught about love but demonstrated it in living color by His Life. His teachings were irrefutable, His life undeniable, His offer irresistible. Islam has labeled Him as a true Prophet, others say a Great Teacher, all have regarded Him as an extraordinary man.

Jesus taught many amazing things concerning His Identity that many could not accept. Speaking of Himself, He proclaimed, ‘‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life’’. As my research deepened, I realized that He made some pretty outlandish claims. Imagine a man in today’s society, who appears in public and proclaims to the world that he is God. There are many sitting in insane asylums that have made open professions to this sort. He had to have either been a crazy man or correct.

Everything that Jesus proclaimed before He died became verified truth by the eyewitnesses of history, which testified of His Resurrection from the dead. Historians attest to the fact that Jesus came out of His grave - exactly as the prophets had predicted beforehand. Because of the eyewitness testimony to that effect, everything that Jesus taught regarding Eternal Life became my truth, my study, and my pursuit.

I was a bartender when my decision was made to commit my life to the Good News Message. I quit serving booze and began serving a gospel story to others. Jesus presented a hope and a verifiable doctrine that has changed me forever. Now, I have experienced a real love, and hope to emulate His Love to all that I meet.
I have a story to tell others about God’s Amazing Grace, oh - how sweet it is. That's why I am sharing this website to all who are seeking answers in today's troublous world...
Yeshua will come soon - hold on folks - it is going to be a wild ride... Psalm 91 will come to pass!
Abundant Blessings, 
Steve Henderson