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  By the end of August, I will have three more Presentations for your exhortation: It is a 3 Part Series entitled: The Time of the End:

Part 1 : The Time of the End: The Arrival of the Beast

Part 2: The Time of the End: The Mother of Harlots

Part 3: The Time of the End: The Abomination of Desolation

I will post them here by the end of the month!


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                Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?

This is an opening video made for my Prophecy Conference entitled “ Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?” The song is entitled ”Eve of Destruction” by Barry McGuire from the around 1967. A Prophetic song indeed with a message for today...He would have agreed with this video placed alongside his song.

              Prophecy Conference: The Midnight Cry

This video was made for my Prophecy Conference back in 2015. The title: ”The Midnight Cry” fit along with the theme that year. The song along with the visuals will inspire you!

    The Coming Prophetic Showdown: Israel, The West, and Iran 

     Full Presentation Online:  This Presentation is out of the Book of Daniel

The Coming Perfect Storm


              See This Full Presentation Online:



                       Jerusalem: Earth's Final Days

This Prophetic Teaching will show you how close we are to the Final Days. Watch Online:


The Sure Word of Prophecy Video Trailer


                         From my first video series 

                                 Daniel: The Unsealed Book


                                                Full Length Presentation


                                                                 Jerusalem: A Cup of Trembilng


This  presentation will help you to understand the overwhelming surge in the Middle East over Jerusalem





                                                Hell's Prophecy: The Second Death


             http //

                                                                   Part Two: