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Twisted Eschatology: The Pre-Trib Rapture7/27/2017
Pastor Dan of Prophecy Hour radio and Steve discuss the reasons why the Pre-Trib Rapture has no Scriptural basis. Steve offers several points to consider on why this popular teaching doesn't square up with the Bible, History, and present day extermination and genocide against Christians today.

Standing When The Band Plays Part 15/13/2017
Pastor Dan of Messiah's Branch Prophecy Hour and Steve speak talk about three faithful witnesses who - when the band played they stood up when everyone else bows down. The same thing will happen to the saints when the Beast.

Standing When The Band Plays Part 25/13/2017
Steve with Pastor Dan of the Messiah's Branch Prophecy hour discuss the similarities of the faithful Sadrach, Meshach, and Abendigo with the end time warriors who will stand when everyone else bows down to the Beast.

The Convergence of the Prophet's Writings2/3/2017
Pastor Dan of the Messiah's Branch and Steve discuss the various prophecies that are all leading to a Final Destination. All of the Prophets spoke of our day. Great Program with the Prophecy Hour Radio Program.

The Prepared - and the Unprepared12/9/2016
Pastor Dan of Messiah's Branch Ministries on Prophecy Hour Radio talks with Steve about the Parable of the Ten Virgins and makes application for us today in practical terms.

Daniel: The Unsealed Book: Update9/1/2016
Pastor Dan of the Prophecy Hour Radio Program and Steve focus their discussion on a very important end time prophecy from the Book of Daniel. You need to hear this one!

ONENESS: The Force of the Beast4/28/2016
Steve and Pastor Dan of Prophecy Hour Radio(Messiah's Branch) center their talk on the emerging Worldwide Movement centered on getting together to solve complex problems of Planet Earth. One day Satan will use this to gain a foothold on the whole world.

Setting the Stage For the Beast10/6/2015
On Messiah's Branch Prophecy Hour, Steve speaks about the Pope and World Leaders converging on the UN in the last two weeks. The theme on the 70th Anniversary of the U.N. : Peace and Safety through the development of a International Order, The Beast is Coming!

Prophets: The False, the Fake, the Freaky6/26/2015
Steve with Pastor Dan on Mission Watch Radio Program discuss the serious issue of False Prophets infiltrating the Church and the consequences of following their leading.

The Day of Yahweh's Visitation2/16/2015
Prophecy Hour Radio Host Pastor Dan and Steve discuss different examples of God's Visitation and the Coming one which will shake and rattle the whole world.