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Where is the Promise of His Kingdom?12/20/2019
Steve and Pastor Dan of the Messiah's Branch Prophecy Hour discuss a prevailing attitude that many believers that have been silent about the Second Coming of a Messiah thay comes to save those who believe- What an important message - where is it among us?

Remembering Not to Forget11/14/2019
Messiah's Branch Pastor Dan of Prophecy Hour Radio and Steve center their talk around the Forgotten Commandment- it's the Fourth. Do you remember it?

Great program on the validity of the Sabbath for today's out of control world!

Final Movements The Mystery of Iniquity9/27/2019
Steve and Pastor Dan of Messiah's Branch Ministries Prophecy Hour discuss the inside workings of the Man of Sin , and will hold fast to his position until he-the son of destruction is taken out of the way. The Prophecy points to that Day - when he is cast to the Earth and then goes out unrestrained against Yahweh's People until it becomes clear who he really is and his lawless underpinnings forced on humanity at the end.

The Danger of Ignoring Troublous Signs7/19/2019
Steve and Pastor Dan of the Prophecy Hour Radio Program talk on the subject of the cconsequences of ignoring the signs that precede the Return of Jesus - Our only Hope. To ignore the signs is too be unready. He is Coming back - ready or not! Very Relevant talk for today's prophecy enthusiast!

The Great Horn in Daniel 86/21/2019
Pastor Dan of Messiah's Branch Prophecy Hour gets Steve's take on some of the specifics that have been overlooked and misapplied to an end time vision. It is becoming very clear now! Check this out! Stay awake...

Daniel 8: Unsealed5/23/2019
Things are ramping up in the Middle East for the final movements - the West, Israel, and Iran are front and center in the world news. Daniel the prophet, speaks of this and says that this conflict will come before the Great and Terrrible Day of Yahovah. Pastor Dan of Messiah's Branch Prophecy Hour and Steve discuss the prophecy of Daniel 8. Don't miss this one!

The Coming Jerusalem Invasion1/19/2018
The Declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel has thrown many around the world into a frenzy. Pastor Dan of Messiah's Branch Prophecy Hour and Steve highlight the prophecies which clearly demonstrate Jerusalem showing up on the world scene before Jesus comes back. A very eye opening program!

The Ram and the Goat (Part Two)12/1/2017
Pastor Dan of the Messiah's Branch Prophecy Hour Radio Program and Steve dig deep into the prophecies of Daniel to determine some specifics concerning these very important end time visions that Jesus told us we must understand. This day is coming upon us rapidly!

The Ram and the Goat11/10/2017
Pastor Dan of the Messiah's Branch and Steve discuss three "in your face" prophecies to determine if we really understand what time it really is on the prophetic clock.

Twisted Eschatology: The Pre-Trib Rapture7/27/2017
Pastor Dan of Prophecy Hour radio and Steve discuss the reasons why the Pre-Trib Rapture has no Scriptural basis. Steve offers several points to consider on why this popular teaching doesn't square up with the Bible, History, and present day extermination and genocide against Christians today.