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The Ram, the Bam, and the Slam2/1/2019
Pastor Dan of the Messiah's Branch Prophecy Hour speaks with Steve concerning the end time vision of Daniel 8. It is the most overlooked and understudied prophecy in the Bible. For the hungry and thirsty, this ought to wake up the sleeping saints for sure! A message for NOW...

The Spirit of Devils Impersonating the Dead8/17/2018
Pastor Dan of the Messiah's Branch Prophecy Hour speaks with Steve on the prophetic scenarios found in Scripture that indicate that unclean spirits will be taking various forms to bring great deception and lead the whole world astray with abominable practices that are forbidden by the Almighty. A real eye opener!

The Terror of the Second Death4/13/2018
Pastor Dan of the Messiah's Branch Prophecy Hour and Steve discuss the "hot topic "of "hell". Will Yahweh Burn and torture sinner for trillions and even quadrilion years. What is the Second Death that no one ever talks about found 4 times in the Book of Revelation? Every believer needs to hear this one!

The Coming Jerusalem Invasion1/19/2018
The Declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel has thrown many around the world into a frenzy. Pastor Dan of Messiah's Branch Prophecy Hour and Steve highlight the prophecies which clearly demonstrate Jerusalem showing up on the world scene before Jesus comes back. A very eye opening program!

The Ram and the Goat (Part Three)12/21/2017
This is part Three of an exegesis on one of the most important end time visions found in the Bible. Steve and Pastor Dan of the Prophecy Hour Radio take an in depth look at the prophecy, and the current news that places this vision very near to fulfillment. A must for every prophecy enthusiast!

The Ram and the Goat (Part Two)12/1/2017
Pastor Dan of the Messiah's Branch Prophecy Hour Radio Program and Steve dig deep into the prophecies of Daniel to determine some specifics concerning these very important end time visions that Jesus told us we must understand. This day is coming upon us rapidly!

The Ram and the Goat11/10/2017
Pastor Dan of the Messiah's Branch and Steve discuss three "in your face" prophecies to determine if we really understand what time it really is on the prophetic clock.

Twisted Eschatology: The Pre-Trib Rapture7/27/2017
Pastor Dan of Prophecy Hour radio and Steve discuss the reasons why the Pre-Trib Rapture has no Scriptural basis. Steve offers several points to consider on why this popular teaching doesn't square up with the Bible, History, and present day extermination and genocide against Christians today.

Standing When The Band Plays Part 15/13/2017
Pastor Dan of Messiah's Branch Prophecy Hour and Steve speak talk about three faithful witnesses who - when the band played they stood up when everyone else bows down. The same thing will happen to the saints when the Beast.

Setting the Stage For the Beast10/6/2015
On Messiah's Branch Prophecy Hour, Steve speaks about the Pope and World Leaders converging on the UN in the last two weeks. The theme on the 70th Anniversary of the U.N. : Peace and Safety through the development of a International Order, The Beast is Coming!