My Testimony

I was born in Brawley, California back in 1955. Our family moved to the San Diego area and lived there through my childhood and high school years. I was raised in a godless home without any awareness of any religious teachings. In fact, the only times that I heard the word “God” or “Jesus” mentioned were in curse words out of my parent’s mouths. Our family never discussed anything concerning the possibility of prayer, church, or the existence of a Creator. Being raised in California through the era of the sixties and seventies made me a victim of a strong cultural shift which developed in me many bad traits.

In 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated, abortion received endorsement from the Supreme Court, and prayer was removed out of the schools. Shortly thereafter, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and a flood of musicians brought a new message through the influence of music which radically changed America’s lifestyle. In California communes were popping up everywhere; along with the introduction of rock idols followed and a floodgate of mind altering drugs were available to anyone who wanted them at very cheap prices.

In the heart of my growing up years, I was caught up in this culture of “getting high” and expressing my “freedom” to go against the norm of society’s boundaries. I grew my hair long, sold drugs, and began to drink alcohol at every opportunity available. At the age of sixteen our family broke up and I moved in with my Dad. During that time, my whole life was messed up because of bad choices. For many years afterward I was a drunkard and “stoned” on a daily basis.

The military helped me to straighten out my life for a little while (while I was in basic training). At the age of nineteen I went oversees to Korea. It was there that I became serious in learning the martial arts. In 1976, I became the first foreigner in Korea to win a Korean title (Tae-Kwondo Middleweight Champion). However, at the same time, I became involved in dealing drugs in this oriental country. It was there that I got hooked up with some drug traffickers and risked life in prison over my foolish aims. It was only by God’s grace that I made it out of that country alive and free.

After being discharged from the Army, I went back to California and for many years continued in unrestrained lifestyle without any parameters to live by. At some point in time, I moved to Oklahoma to fulfill my dream of buying some land. It was there that I met a couple of guys that had a relationship with God. One man played a guitar with whom I could relate with. I was also a musician and enjoyed our interaction together. This is where I was first exposed to the possibility of having a relationship with God.

I was amazed as I heard about my friends talking about God. They seemed to have something in their lives that I was looking for. As our friendship developed, I became intrigued with their own stories of how they “found God”. Prayer, reading the Bible, and having a relationship with God were such foreign concepts to me. These guys were different than the normative crowd I was used to hanging out with. They gave me a Bible and I began to read it.

I started on an extensive search of life’s truths and began reading the Bible. After much research, it became obvious to me that the Bible was historically accurate, archeologically verified, and prophetically confirmed. But - it was Bible prophecy that grabbed my attention. I developed a deep interest centered in the area of the prophetic word. I discovered many undeniable evidences that the Bible was an extraordinary book. This book radically changed my outlook on life.

The teachings of Yeshua (Jesus) intrigued me. This man of history not only taught about love, but demonstrated it in living color by his lifestyle. His teachings were irrefutable, his life undeniable, and his offer irresistible. I found out Islam has labeled him as a true prophet, others acknowledged Him as a great teacher, and all regarded him as an extraordinary man. Among all of the people who have ever lived, this one man left behind a legacy that has influenced millions to walk in his steps.

Jesus taught many amazing things concerning his identity that I researched out with detail. Speaking of himself, he declared, ‘‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.’’ As my research deepened, I realized that he had made some pretty outlandish claims. Can you imagine a man in today’s society who appears in public and announces to the world that he is God? There are many sitting in insane asylums that have made open professions to this sort. Jesus was either a crazy man or correct in what he proclaimed. Because of the testimony of the credible eyewitnesses, I became a believer.

My real conversion came as I was bartending in a fancy nightclub. That is when my decision was made to commit my life to the good news message. Jesus presented a hope and a verifiable doctrine that has changed me forever. I heard a message about love, mercy, forgiveness, and accepted an offer to have a relationship with my Creator. I became convinced to respond to the great invitation. I prayed and asked Jesus into my life to be my Lord and Savior. I quit serving booze, and began serving a gospel story to others. It was over twenty five years ago when I stepped out of darkness and began to experience the joy and intimacy with the One who made me. Since then, I have been on an incredible journey.

It was in 1994 that I decided to pursue the ministry. I moved to Denver with my family and attended seminary there. I went on to pastor a church for six years in Kansas City. After my time in the pastorate, I moved back down to Oklahoma to be close to my aging Dad. For the next three years I traveled around the country as an evangelist and an equipper with the newly developed “Pastor’s Helper Ministry”. I taught a few seminars to help believers to be equipped for the work for the ministry.

Because of the traveling schedules and being away from family, I pursued a different career that would keep me close to the home base. I began to work with youth who were incarcerated behind prison fences as a Correctional officer. It was at that time, when my oldest son called me from the Iraq conflict and told me that the doctors had diagnosed him with cancer. I left my work and met my son up at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington D.C. It was there, we were told that he had six months to live. He was 23 years old when he was given his death sentence. He had stage 4 esophageal cancer which had spread through his body. He was given 6 months to live - he lived five.

Through this tragedy my family broke up, I left the ministry, and I wondered around “in the wilderness” disillusioned with God and everything else. A couple of years later, God put me back in ministry working behind prison fences working with incarcerated women. It was there where God began to pull me out of my sorrow. In sharing the love of Jesus with prisoners, I was able with God’s help refocus on my calling from Him. I worked with the Department of Corrections for several years and recognized that there were many with much more sorrow than me. I came to my senses.

For over twenty five years, I have been studying with depth the prophecies concerning the return of Jesus. As you are aware, there are many different eschatological viewpoints in the Christian theologies. In fear of being labeled a “sensationalist” or “paranoid”, I chose to be reserved in sharing much about my understanding of prophecy. In the last several years, some very amazing changes have transpired in the Middle East. I hold to the opinion and deep conviction that we are looking at the beginning of earth’s final movements towards eternity. I can no longer be quite about this! Under deep inspiration, my focus has been on teaching and warning others to get ready for the Hope of Jesus’ soon Coming!

The Sure Word of Prophecy Ministries’ mission is to help believers to understand Bible prophecy, prepare them for the return of Jesus, and to make an unarguable presentation to unbelievers that there is a God who knows the end from the beginning. It is my desire to share God’s prophetic word to turn the heads of many agnostics, atheist and scoffers; providing them with enough evidence for them to turn to a saving faith in the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus).

May the content of these prophetic teachings and presentations from this website enhance your faith and increase your desire to share with others - the Blessed Hope of our Messiah's Return!

Be Very Blessed,
Steve Henderson